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Our restaurants welcomes guests with sofa seating and communal tables. Specially crafted cocktails are sipped and conversations flow around the tables, all under the ambience of our Latin themed hall. Enjoy music with a wide variety of shareable menu items.

Note: Allergen information is available from our team on request. Our menu does not list all allergens. While reasonable steps have been taken to prevent unintentional allergen presence, we cannot guarantee that any product is 100% free from allergens due to cross contamination.




Our meticulously-planned menu features a range of savoury steak and seafood based excellent cuisine

Day Food Menu (12noon – 9pm)

  • Crispy duck salad £10.00
  • BBQ wings for sharing (tossed in our Jack Daniels sauce, topped with toasted sesame seeds and chilli flakes). £15.00
  • Sizzling Calamari, Squid & Prawns Pavo set (Sour cream, sweet chilli sauce and fresh lime) £00.00
  • Half a rack of BBQ & Jack Daniels pork ribs £00.00
  • Spicy Devon Crab (Sushi rolls) £00.00
  • Pavo smoked salmon and crab £0.00
  • Pavo whole lobster with garlic butter ad mixed herbs £65.00
  • Pavo under the ocean feast – Sharing board. (dry aged rib of beef, Snow crab, Kind crab, lobster, Large potatoes, corn and including dips) £120.00
Types of Steaks to serve
Types of Steaks to serve
  • Fillet £00.00
  • Rib- eye £00.00
  • Sirloin £00.00
  • Rump £00.00
Special Sauces
Special Sauces
  • Béarnaise £00.00
  • Peppercorn £00.00
  • Parsley, Garlic and butter £00.00
  • Hollandaise sauce £00.00
  • Normandy sauce £00.00
  • Grilled bone marrow £00.00
  • Macaroni and cheese (Plain) £00.00
  • Macaroni and cheese (Lobster, crab, crayfish, and shrimp) £00.00
  • Fries £00.00
  • Sweet potato fries £00.00
  • Salad £00.00
  • Halloumi fries £00.00
  • Creamed spinach £00.00
  • Corn (roasted and buttered) £00.00
  • Baked sweet potato, harissa coconut “yoghurt”, mint and coriander dressing £00.00
  • Jasmine rice with a hint of coconut and coriander £00.00
  • Special jollof rice £00.00
  • Potato wedges £00.00
Late night menu (10pm -2am)
  • PAVO Burger: sesame brioche, cured bacon, cheddar, salad & relish £00.00
  • Choice of steak each served with; confit tomato, portabello mushroom & picked shallots £00.00
  • Dry aged 10oz Rib-eye £00.00
  • Dry aged 10oz Fillet £00.00
  • Choice of Lamb or beef Suya kebab dressed with with White onion and tomatoes chops £00.00
  • Extra spicy Beef tropical soup £00.00
  • Extra spicy tropical roast goat £00.00
  • Griiled chicken £00.00